The Best Tasks by the Specialist

Do not look for a “star” SEO – work with promising newcomers. In the agency there are very wary of employees who have all the chests in decorations and walls in diplomas. Such specialists often have overstated requirements, reluctantly share their experience and, most importantly, do not become attached to companies. These are single people who successfully work as freelancers and come to the company only when they get bored at home. For them, hiring is more fun.

The Options of the Specialist Now

The value of a young specialist is that he is loyal to the company; he will never hide his mistakes and is ready to listen to you. And the less you know about SEO, the “inexperienced” your expert should be (but you should not take any experience at all). You together with him will be able to build a convenient system of work for you and understand the details. Yes, and regardless of the experience of a hired employee, deal with SEO still have, at least at the most superficial level. You must speak with the employee in his language. You can Click Here for more in these tasks.

The Right Experience

Too much experience is harmful ballast. The human brain loves to work on autopilot. If we press the red button on the right for 5 years, then we immediately panic, it is only to transfer it to another corner. And if you have a great experience, the number of buttons that stand in already well-known places for you, goes off scale. It is difficult for you to retrain and to abandon the technique, method, method that has been worked out for years. In the situation with seo, to remain a professional, one has to change strategies every year, discover new tools, sometimes completely forget everything that he knew before. Therefore, think carefully before taking an employee with 10 years of experience, who will tell you that everything already knows.

Look for system

System is the ability to see patterns and similarities, to see in parts the whole. A person with the acquired systemic skill always strives for ordering actions. In his mail and computer everything is sorted into folders, he tries to break any task into subtasks and automate everything that can be automated.

  • A specialist who is not armed with the systemic skill will always be terribly busy. And this is not a desire to escape from work. It just makes everything terribly inefficient.
  • Such people will manually add numbers instead of counting the amount in Excel, typing the same e-mail text instead of making a template and, of course, searching for the desired folder with the name “New folder” in an infinite set of “New folders “.