3D Modeling Services in Filmmaking and Animation: Details and Recommendations

Creating a bright cartoon or even a movie is your dream? So there’s a need for a professional 3d visualization artist. Today we’ll help you to find this 3d master.

3D Modeling Services in Filmmaking and Animation: Details and Recommendations

It’s hard to imagine any modern promo video, cartoon or movie without VFX or other visualization technologies. It’s motivated with all opportunities 3d objects give for creators: brighter characters, animals and people look like real ones and usually, it takes less time to place the same objects in different situations.

And today we’ll tell you more about the process and how to choose the best 3d modeling services providing clients with high-quality results.

6 steps to 3d models creation and visualization

Knowing at least the base of 3d modeling can help you in hiring skilled artists. That’s why look at the main stages and remember them.

  1. Modeling. On this step,a modeler creates 3d objects and models for their future usage. Look at the examples of ready-made models on 3dreach site.
  2. Texturizing. The process of applying textures onto the ready-made 3d models.
  3. Rigging.A3d visualization artist prepares a character for future animation. Artists put virtual bones and joints into the figure to make a character move.
  4. Animation. This step turns heroes into realistic, they start moving and imitating 3d characters’ actions.
  5. Rendering (or it’s also called “visualization”). On this stage, the hero is recorded. You can find lots of rendering3d modeling services offered on different websites.
  6. Compositing. The final one! This very step united the hero with his or her environment. Color correction and special effects adding are being made here too.

How to recognize skilled specialists among hundreds of offers?

When you’re aware of what will happen with your idea, it’s time to make a decision – who will put it into life. There are two most popular options: to find a freelancer or to hire the whole company like 3dreach.

The algorithm of choosing is the same:

  • look at the completed projects in a 3d modeling artist portfolio;
  • decide whether the style is suitable for you and start asking specific questions about the price and deadlines;
  • after cooperating for some time estimate whether it was productive or not.

Why a3d art studio will make your film or cartoon better?

Of course, it’s your personal preferences with whom to work with, but every studio has the same advantages. The ability to multitasking gives much profit, and a well-skilled team in a studio can provide you with it. Your cooperation is safer as you usually sign a document which protects your rights. Every studio like the abovementioned one works on licensed software, so the quality of the result will probably satisfy you.